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Mother's Day  

God planted me inside her
and caused for me to grow
She felt for me the kind of love
that only mom can know
From tot to teen she laughed with me
and wiped away my tears
she nurtured and she cared for me
through all those growing years

Because a mother has a special job to do
nobody else can do what she can do
There's no-one else quite like her
and if I had my way
every day would be a mother's day

Then I went out on my own
the apron strings untied
Would it be a quiet life
or a roller coaster ride
There'd be a brand new family
the mother was my wife
and mother's day would have
a whole new meaning in our life

Though still our mother's children
we have children of our own
and often it's too short a time
before they're fully grown
We watch our daughters growing up
and know as parents do
that all too soon that little girl
will be a mother too


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